Here we go again.   The placebo-pushers are on the move.  And unfortunately I read here that an Irish MEP is to the fore in promoting this nonsense:

“The third EU Homeopathy Day will be hosted by Marian Harkin MEP in the European Parliament on 23 March. Organised by the European associations of patients, practitioners, doctors and pharmacists of homeopathy and the European homeopathic and anthroposophic medicine industry association, the event will focus on the need to respect the choices and preferences of the 100 million users of homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine in Europe and to act on their request for the integration of homeopathy and complementary medicine into health care policy.”

It appears that the European Commission plans to launch a review of EU pharmaceutical laws, so the homeopathy quacks feel that it’s a good time to launch a lobbying push in Brussels.  They want  the EU to require all member states to provide access to their worthless products  from publicly-funded health systems.  That’s your taxes, dear reader, that will be used to promote products that have never been shown to have any beneficial effect, except possibly at the level of a placebo, other than in dodgy and biased tests. 

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In London, a Commons cross-party science committee is looking at UK government policy on homeopathic medicines.  And scientists and doctors told MPs this week that giving homeopathic remedies to patients on the National Health Service is unethical and a dubious use of public money.  It’s worth checking out what the Bad Science blog has to say on this, and on homepathy generally.

In Ireland, I note that VHI appears to be the only sane health insurer, and refuses to cover homeopathic treatments.  The Irish Society of Quacks, sorry Homeopaths, reviews the position on their website.  So I am happy not be subsidising delusional and/or fraudulent practices with my ever-increasing annual subscription to the VHI, while being a bit worried that VHI might weaken in the face of a “patients’ petition” being organised by homeopathic practitioners.

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