Irish Film Clichés

3 May, 2014

I would love to see a good film made in Ireland that just happens to be set in Ireland, in the way that most American films, although in practice set in America, have plot lines that are reasonably universal and could equally be set in (say) England or Spain. Instead, when we watch an Irish film we are usually fed a diet of peculiarly Irish cultural and sociological clichés which presumably reflects some degree of national self-obsession and/or insecurity.
I would identify the following tropes or clichés as being the worst offenders:
  • Tediously Pervasive F-words (OK so I use swear words myself, and it reflects reality, but so does taking a dump and we don’t have that forced on us in every film)
  • Pub scenes and drunkenness
  • Dodgy cops
  • Drug-taking, junkies
  • Prostitutes, possibly Eastern European
  • Aliens and/or ghosts
  • Fat priests
  • All politicians are slimy
  • All businessmen are corrupt
  • All kids are annoyingly precocious
  • Confused foreigner(s)
  • Women are smart and sassy; men are feckless and/or stupid

Any I have missed?