I must be getting old…..

8 May, 2012

… when I find myself heartily agreeing with this letter in the Irish Times today:

Sir, – Can I assure the compiler of “What’s Hot/What’s Not” (Magazine, May 5th) that many of us who are over 60 are more than capable of navigating the intricacies of the Ryanair website.     Believe it or not, we actually also know how to boot up our computers, open a web browser, send an e-mail, and we even know that a mouse is not just a furry little creature you might find running around the house from time to time. – Yours, etc,  Finian Matthews,  St Margaret’s Road, Malahide, Co Dublin.

It was in response to a crass bit of “journalism” in the Irish Times magazine last Saturday (see picture).  It confirms my suspicion that editorial content in the magazine has been surrendered to a bevy of 20- and 30-year old women who have more in common with Ross O’Carroll Kelly than Kathleen Ni Houlihan.


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