Husbands vs wives

13 June, 2011

A friend told me a story which (I claim) illustrates the difference between men and women, at least in a middle-aged, married context.
He and his wife were passing a shop window which showed off beautiful high-end kitchens, and in which a young couple were being shown what was on offer.  His wife said to him: “Lucky them, buying a new kitchen”.
The husband claims to have replied: “But no, lucky us, we already have a kitchen which works very well and which, moreover, is fully paid for. Those poor young people are probably going deep into debt to acquire a fancy kitchen beyond their needs.”   The wife’s response was not supplied.   I think my friend tells the story to show himself in a good light: we are to be impressed with his maturity, common sense and frugality.  I fear not everybody will go along with this.


One Response to “Husbands vs wives”

  1. hahaha I do think he had a point… but men do tend to talk a lot of crap when it comes to woman wanting to spend money. My father used to start putting down whatever my mom wanted. Saying its not worth the money or it’s totally useless. men will always be men.. really frugal and greedy 😛

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