To whom is DAA talking with their creepy ad?

28 March, 2011

At the cinema the other day, I again saw the expensive advertisement created by Dublin Airport Authority for their new Terminal 2.  You have probably seen it several times.  If not, you can see it on YouTube here.

My reactions were the same as it was the first time I saw it.  Firstly, that it’s smug, self-regarding and creepy.  Secondly, that only a state-owned body with an effective monopoly in its sector could and would produce such an expensive, gold-plated offering.

Thirdly, and the main question that puzzles me: from a business perspective, what’s the point of the advertisement, beyond using up the DAA’s advertising budget for the new terminal?  Are we all going to rush out and book flights through the new terminal on the strength of seeing the ad?  Will it add a single Euro to DAA’s bottom line?  I don’t think so. 

While you are working out this conundrum, have a look at the spoof version of the ad here.  It’s terrific.


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