Because we’re worth it (part 73)

23 March, 2011

 This nugget is too good to do any fact-checking on – I want to pass it on even if should ultimately prove to be exaggerated.  I will do the validation when I get time, or maybe wait for my loyal band of followers (all three of them) to do the spadework for me instead.

One of the results of the barmy and corrupt Bertie Ahern regime is, as we all know, that our senior public sector employees (including our politicians) are ridiculously overpaid compared to their counterparts in any reasonably equivalent country. 

The most egregious and commonly quoted example is that our Taoiseach (even with his recently reduced salary of €200,000) is paid a lot more than the UK Prime Minister (€172,000).  See here for the figures.

But how about this?  I am told that the head of the Irish Navy – more formally known as  The Flag Officer Commanding the Naval Service (FOCNS) – earns more than the head of the US Navy!

What a great little country.  Now if only those bloody foreigners in the Eurozone and elsewhere would charge less interest on all the money they lend us to keep on paying ourselves these highly-deserved salaries.  They have a cheek.  Next thing you know, they’ll be asking Enda and Eamonn and all our other public servants to accept the sort of chickenfeed salaries they seem to be happy with in their under-privileged countries.


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