Worth reading this article on Cancún / climate change

5 January, 2011

This from the Guardian on 12th December:   

Climate change: human numbers don’t add up

The best way to cut emissions is to have fewer babies – but you won’t find it in the Cancún bulletin, or any politician’s vision ….  China’s “one child” policy – which may have stopped 250-400 million births, on official calculations – is not a polite subject for discussion anywhere in the west. Indeed, it’s often lumped into Beijing’s long list of human rights abuses. David and Sam, Ed and Justine, have their “happy events”.  Some year soon, perhaps, William and Kate will join in.  But set all that alongside LSE research last year for the Optimum Population TrustIt costs £5 on family planning to abate a tonne of CO2 – against £15 for wind power and £31 for solar power. In short, too many happy events equal global misery. It’s the harsh truth where Cancún communiques fall silent.

There are some areas where democracy can’t tread, some subjects too vexed for manifesto treatment. So we’re left with very modest proposals indeed; with Cancún, small headlines and small reasons to be cheerful.

Previous posts on this topic are here, here, and here.  Stop me if I’m becoming a bore.  But isn’t this about the most important issue we face today?


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