Wedding excesses of the Celtic Tiger era

9 December, 2010

Today’s Irish Times has a vox pop with various people, including a woman whose wedding cost €70,000 in 2008.

As the Budget cuts hit the headlines, shoppers spare a moment to share their feelings …..  [A. M.], who is expecting her second child in January, is taking a rest on a bench in the Jervis shopping centre. “How will the cuts affect me? Where do I begin?” the former chef says wryly.    Two years ago, she had a €70,000 wedding at Carton House in Co Kildare, and [she] and her husband bought a house in Ringsend for €420,000. They remortgaged it soon after “to pay for new doors and windows”, and bought a new jeep, which then got hit with VRT.   Since then, her husband has lost his job as a high-reach crane driver, and neither of them has been working for over a year.

Wow, seventy grand.  That buys a lot of confetti.  I suspect that this barking mad couple will be among the people who will be looking for a debt write-off on their mortgage, to be funded by injecting more of taxpayers’ money into the banks and building societies.  I’ll be happy to play my part, won’t you?


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