My (doomed?) general election manifesto

26 September, 2010

I was thinking of running for the next Dáil with the following manifesto.  It seems bonkers, of course, as I would be promising not to do all the things that have become de riguer if one wants to have a hope of election as a TD.

  1. I will not put purely local constituency interests before national interests.
  2. I will not help you to jump a queue for spurious reasons.
  3. I will not help you get something to which you are not in principle entitled.
  4. I will not hold “clinics” – here are my contact details – please make an appointment to see me, or send me an email,  if it’s important.
  5. If you want assistance on a purely local government matter, well here’s a list of all the local government representatives.  Don’t bother me about it…..
  6. I will not support any Government measure which will increase expenditure significantly, unless it is clear where the extra taxation will come from.
  7. I will not claim for reimbursement of any unvouched expenses.
  8. I will publish online all the expenses I have claimed.
  9. I will not go to your funeral (or that of any member of your family) unless I actually know and like you.
  10. I will not perform the opening ceremony for your shop/pub/hairdressing business/laundry/….
  11. If you break the law, I will not plead with the Minister, or with officialdom, for clemency
  12. I will not accept additional payment for serving on any Oireachtas committee.
  13. I will spend almost all my available time on legislative and parliamentary matters.

But people are so p****d off with the bunch of useless messenger-boy (and messenger-girl)  TDs we currently have, that somebody who promised tough love, and total focus on the important (mainly national) issues, might just have a chance, at least in the larger constituencies.  After all, if a voter wants some local issue dealt with, he/she will always have three or four other local TDs to bother about it, so asking people to elect one sensible representative per constituency isn’t such a big deal, is it?

What do you think?  Would you vote for me?


2 Responses to “My (doomed?) general election manifesto”

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