Shock/Horror: HP chief resigns for fiddling expenses. Are you paying attention, Taoiseach?

20 August, 2010

This from Reuters two weeks ago:

Hewlett-Packard Co CEO Mark Hurd resigned on Friday after an investigation found that he had falsified expense reports to conceal a “close personal relationship” with a female contractor.

What a loser.  Resigning for falsifying a mere 20k in expenses?!  Ivor Callely could teach him a thing or two. 

This just shows the incredible divergence between standards enforced in publicly quoted companies (in the USA at least) and what Fianna Fáil politicians seem to believe is acceptable behaviour from public representatives.

Brian Cowen needs to stand up and state loudly and unequivocally: IVOR CALLELY’S BEHAVIOUR IS UNACCEPTABLE AND HE MUST RESIGN AS A SENATOR.  Anything short of this is totally and utterly shameful.  Just because neither Cowen nor the Government can force Callely’s resignation doesn’t mean our Taoiseach-in-hiding shouldn’t make his position clear.  Oh God, can we just have some proper leadership, before we sink below the moral and economic plimsoll line?

People no longer expect ethical behavior from our Government, and Fianna Fáil has been an ethical slum for decades.  But proper leadership is absolutely essential if people are to accept the hardship which is going to be necessary if our national finances are to be put on a sound footing.  The pain of higher taxes and cuts in benefits has really only just begun. 

Cowen is not capable of providing the strong leadership that is needed if Ireland is to retain its economic independence.  Come on, Brian, resign, for the sake of the country.


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