The Present-Tense Apostrophe Strikes Again

15 June, 2010

I had hoped that my previous public sighting of a stray apostrophe in a verb present tense was a once-in-a-lifetime horror (see this post, where we were alerted that “the Gate Theatre Celebrate’s [sic] Friel”). 

But the TV listings in today’s Irish Times suggests that this (laughable if it weren’t so tragic) solecism may actually be developing into an outbreak.  See below.  For God’s sake, if the once-great Irish Times doesn’t have a competent editor or proofreader on its staff, I suggest that they give me a call and I will do it in my spare time. 

Where will it all end….?


One Response to “The Present-Tense Apostrophe Strikes Again”

  1. […] the use of an apostrophe in the third person present tense of a verb, which I flagged here,  here and […]

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