Ivor Callely: a question occurs to me

12 June, 2010

If , as some people are asserting,  Senator Callely fiddled his expenses and claimed tens of thousands of euros from the public purse to which he was not legally entitled, then surely this would go beyond “cute hoorism” and “stroke politics”?

Would we not be in the F-word territory? Fraud, that is to say.

And fraud is a criminal offense, requiring investigation by the Gardaí.

Just asking.


One Response to “Ivor Callely: a question occurs to me”

  1. […] hope Ivor Callelly reads this.  I also hope the Irish Director of Public Prosecution reads it and, as I’ve said before, the Gardaí.  If John Taylor MP has his collar fingered by the peelers for a mere £11,000 then […]

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