The “Dandelion Index” shows the terrible state of our economy

20 May, 2010

A foreign visitor remarked to me recently that he had never seen so many weeds, particularly dandelions, growing on the side of our roads and on central margins .  He wondered if the local government workers employed to spray weedkiller were on strike.

I suggested two possible reasons: the laughably-named “work to rule” by public servants protesting at pay cuts; or that local authorities had run out of money to pay for the weeds to be controlled properly.

Either way, it’s indicative of our slide into quasi-third-world status.  Surely the detrimental effect on local communities and on tourism suggests that not spraying is a false economy? 

Strange that it took an outsider to point out the obvious to me; I suppose I had gradually become so used to the unkempt appearance of our public roads that I had ceased to notice how bad they were.  But now I see the blasted weeds everywhere.  And In them I see an unsightly metaphor for the dereliction that has befallen our economy.


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