Joe Higgins should not get so much airtime

1 April, 2010

I was listening to Myles Dungan yesterday morning, on RTE Radio 1 .  As usual, a panel was discussing the state of the nation, and socialist MEP Joe Higgins was one of the talking heads.  Higgins said that the media must take part of blame for our financial mess – and he cited the Irish Independent and Irish Times property supplements as being particularly guilty for promoting the bubble.  A fair point, I suppose.

However, just because there is an element of truth in many of Higgins’ utterances doesn’t remove my surprise that he continues to be invited to propogate his extreme, outdated, and generally outlandish views in the media. 

Whatever about RTE, I’m always amazed at the relentless exposure he gets from other stations and from newspapers.  Cop yourselves on, chaps.  You will be the first to bite the dust if Higgins and his pals ever get their not-so-horny hands on the levers of power.

Remember that Saint Joe, with his comic-book view of economics and politics, believes that the State should control the mass media.  In one of my very first posts on this blog,  I reproduced a quote from him about what would happen in his Stalinist nirvana:

The whole media apparatus would be taken into public ownership, with access for all shades of opinion and society, since ‘a press that is owned by a corporate elite is not a free press’ ”

Why is Higgins never challenged on this scary policy?  He should be held to the same standard as the rest of us, and made to spell out exactly how his policies would be implemented if he were in power.  He seems to benefit from some variant of a fool’s pardon, just because he has a few good Dáil performances behind him, and because we are all sickened at the unholy shambles that Fianna Fáil incompetence and corruption has produced.


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