Reasons why Cowen should resign (Part 1 of 37)

28 March, 2010

Here are the first 10 reasons that spring to mind, without expending any great mental effort.  If I tried harder it would be a really long list.

  1. He puts the interests of Fianna Fáil before the national interest
  2. He lacks the ability to inspire
  3. He is fatally implicated in our financial mess, having been Minister for Finance during the years when the economy was destroyed
  4. Two words: Mary Coughlan
  5. He is too cautious when radical measures are needed (cabinet “reshuffle” being an example)
  6. Appalling judgement.  Example:  defending John O’Donoghue long past the point where it made sense
  7. Somebody who failed to see what was wrong with Willie O’Dea’s behaviour is not fit to be Taoiseach
  8. Last year’s threatened cave-in to the public service unions when he considered an unpaid leave proposal in lieu of a pay cut.
  9. And the actual (and incredibly damaging) cave-in to senior civil servants when he sanctioned the reversal of most of their pay cut.
  10. Drink.  I don’t know if he does drink as much as the rumour-mill would have it, but sometimes the perception is the reality.  It’s now too late to recover lost ground on this one: the damage is done.

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