Your Country, Your Call: a great idea. But another indictment of our useless “leaders”.

10 March, 2010

I think that this is a great idea.  A competition to get people thinking about large projects or ideas that might “give life to new industry, revitalise or revolutionise an existing market, or even change the way we do business entirely.”

The website also tells us that

“It’s not about creating new products. It’s about creating something that will make a long term positive impact on the future of Ireland, its people, and its economy.

Your Country, Your Call is all about Ireland. It’s about helping to create sustainable employment and prosperity, whilst at the same time generating hope, confidence, and positive thinking.”

So that’s great – positive thinking and creativity being harnessed. 

But hang on a minute.

That we are holding a competition to come up with ideas to save the country is a complete indictment of the useless time-servers we have in Government at the moment.  It’s their job to come up with good ideas to improve the lives of Irish citizens.  That’s what we pay them for.   Brian Cowen and his Government are the ones who are supposed to be “generating hope, confidence, and positive thinking”. 

Oh, God.  Not only are they useless, they are also completely without shame.  And we are so used to this state of affairs, and our expectations of our politicians are so low, that we almost fail to notice the new and additional disgrace involved in what is otherwise a worthy project.


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