George Lee resigns – you have to laugh

11 February, 2010

I’m surprised there’s so few good jokes about our prima donna George and his hissy fit.  But let’s take a short tour of the better ones that are out there.

Let’s see….. why not kick off with Miriam Lord in the Irish Times?  “The jokes have started already: RTÉ is to air a new reality show staring Charlie Bird and George Lee. It’ll be called Celebrity Big Baby. It’s a cruel world outside Montrose.”  The joke she quotes neatly skewers two of the most self-important clowns ever to come out of RTE, and that’s saying something.

Or the suggestion that the last straw for our hero was when Willie O’Dea opined that George was akin to a bidet – something that Fine Gael didn’t know how to use, but that they thought added a bit of class.  You know the game is up when even a cute hoor gombeen like Willie O’Dea is making fun of you!

Or this letter in the Irish Times: “Madam, – In the recent past, we’ve had George Lee who didn’t get on with his party, Pat Kenny who couldn’t get on with his neighbours and Charlie Bird coming back to us because he couldn’t make friends with anyone in America! What do they teach them in RTE? – Yours, etc, GARRY CLARKE”

Or the suggestion that George would be the ideal new presenter for RTE’s show “A Week in Politics”

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One Response to “George Lee resigns – you have to laugh”

  1. Tony Doyle Says:

    The ‘Boy’ george was never happy wearing ‘grown-up’ clothes.

    It was a political matter in the beginning but 5mins after his
    announcement it has just become a game of the spin-doctors v Georgi’s media mafia.

    George is a Thick !

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