Forty shades of fog

24 January, 2010

The Irish Times is considered by many, including itself presumably, to be the Paper of Record.  I suppose the standard of journalism in the IT is the least worst of all the Irish newspapers (although its business coverage is often not as good as that of the Irish/Sunday Independent).

But where on earth does the Irish Times get its 5-day weather forecast for Ireland?

Below is typical of what is on offer.  Almost every day, we are led to believe, starts with the country shrouded in fog. 

Now I’m prepared to admit that early morning fog can occasionally be experienced in Ireland, although I suspect that its incidence is less than a couple of days per month on average.  The Irish Times would have us believe that it happens at least 4 days out of 5.

This is so daft that I have to assume that it’s part of a cunning plan on the part of the IT to entice sentimental foreigners to visit Ireland.  After all, the sort of thing that many of them expect to come across, besides freckled red-haired children running barefoot through the countryside, are mist-shrouded castles, and the plaintive moos of cattle as they gather in foggy fields.

I wonder if the plan is working….

No pipe did hum, no battle drum
Did sound its dread tattoo
But the Angelus bell o’er the Liffey’s swell
Rang out in the foggy dew.



One Response to “Forty shades of fog”

  1. […] that the Irish Times obtains its weather forecasts from, whoever they are.  As I have already observed, they seem to think that we are an incredibly foggy country.  Almost every day, we are led to […]

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