Bizarre or what?

3 December, 2009

Maybe this is a fancy foreign spelling.  Or maybe whoever drafted, proofed and printed these signs actually thought this was the way to spell “bazaar”.  Or much more likely, they weren’t absolutely sure, but didn’t care.   

It’s one of life’s little mysteries that despite access to Google, online dictionaries, spell checkers and good old-fashioned books made from dead trees, an increasing number of people have only a vague interest in ensuring words are spelt correctly, or indeed that any message they are trying to convey in writing can be readily understood by readers.


One Response to “Bizarre or what?”

  1. Etty Mologia Says:

    Here’s what Wixionary says about the word:
    From the Italian bazarra, and the Hindi बाज़ार, Urdu بازار (bāzār), from Persian بازار (bâzâr), “‘market’”), from the Old Persian vahā-čarana (“‘market-walkabout’”), from Proto-Indo-European *wesā- (“‘to buy’”).

    I guess the sign painter in Taney could do worse than brush up on cupla focal Persian, also called Farsi.

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