Homeopathy – VHI have it right

27 November, 2009

In London, a Commons cross-party science committee is looking at UK government policy on homeopathic medicines.  And scientists and doctors told MPs this week that giving homeopathic remedies to patients on the National Health Service is unethical and a dubious use of public money.  It’s worth checking out what the Bad Science blog has to say on this, and on homepathy generally.

In Ireland, I note that VHI appears to be the only sane health insurer, and refuses to cover homeopathic treatments.  The Irish Society of Quacks, sorry Homeopaths, reviews the position on their website.  So I am happy not be subsidising delusional and/or fraudulent practices with my ever-increasing annual subscription to the VHI, while being a bit worried that VHI might weaken in the face of a “patients’ petition” being organised by homeopathic practitioners.

TCD’s University Times had an excellent article recently on this subject, entitled “Coming out as homeopathophobic”.  It included these interesting comments:

In Britain, taxpayers contributed £10 million, or the equivalent of 500 nurses’ salaries to the refurbishment of the Royal Homeopathic Hospital. In Ireland, VHI is the only health insurance that refuses to cover homeopathy (though presumably the decision is pragmatic rather than a matter of principle). For an industry that relies on the placebo effect, the healing nature of caring, interpersonal relationships and bogus, unscientific claims, the scale of investment is startling. In this context, the appeal by the Irish Society of Homeopathy for Homeopathic books that are to be distributed to an ‘academic’ clinic in Southern Kenya takes on an unpleasant moral dimension.

The credulity and deceitfulness of people never ceases to amaze me.


3 Responses to “Homeopathy – VHI have it right”

  1. I don’t agree with you. Homoeopathy in a country like India is recognised by the goverment and the students go through the same rigorous training that the students studying conventional medicine (allopathy) go through- same books, same practicals and similar hospital training on live patients. homoeopathic training in Uk leaves much to be desired.
    I would like to draw your attention to http:/www.drvaishnav.com/case_studies.htm where cases treated with homeopathy WITH documented evidence of response have been posted. You may also visit http://homeopathicure.wordpress.com

  2. PuckstownLane Says:

    Well I don’t expect you to be unbiased, as you are a homeopathy practitioner, and your livelihood presumably depends on a steady supply of innocent “patients”. I am long enough in this world that I have ceased to be surprised at delusional behaviour, be it that of individuals or of crowds.

  3. newbegon Says:

    I don’t suppose that Puckstown Lane could claim to be unbiased either….promoting as he is a ‘sane’ rationalist/materialist worldview which seeks to bolster its own sense of righteousness by seeking to ‘other’ (debunk) particular out-groups which it doesn’t really actually understand at all.

    Homeopathy has been the only relief I’ve found from IBS….after years of conventional medical hand-wringing and lame-duck masking medicines, the change to a totally wheat, dairy, MSG, caffeine-free diet, etc etc.

    Live it, see it for yourself, and then believe it.

    By the way, I’m not a homeopath.

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