Lisbon 2: Top 10 Reasons for No voters to vote Yes

22 September, 2009

  1. The EU is a friend, it has helped you out of the ditch in the past,  and it wants a Yes vote – it may have bad habits, and you know that a No vote is really in its own interest – but you’d buy a real friend another drink even if they were over the limit already, wouldn’t you?
  2. Neutrality is morally indefensible anyway
  3. Cóir want us to vote No
  4. Sinn Féin want us to vote No
  5. The Kevin Myers reason: see this post
  6. The German Constitutional Court has made a difference: see this post
  7. Don’t give Cowen/FF an excuse to resign on a phoney “matter of principle”
  8. Michael O’Leary – just because flying Ryanair is a pain in the neck (as is its chief executive) doesn’t mean that O’Leary is wrong on this one
  9. There will be blood!  We are perfectly entitled to vote No, and to feel that it is the correct thing to do.   Unfortunately, the “powers that be” in the Commission and in our fellow member states equally have a right to extract some form of revenge on Ireland if we vote No.  Just because this would be an outrageous and unfair reaction to our exercise of democracy doesn’t mean it wouldn’t happen.   We regularly accept being coerced into doing things we feel are wrong, just because the consequences would otherwise be too painful. The world is not a fair place, but accepting this fact is a sign of maturity.
  10. It will be re-run until we get it right, so let’s all save time and money…..

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