Memo to Revenue Commissioners: John O’Donoghue may owe you money

24 August, 2009

Last November, The Irish Independent ran an article about the Rody Molloy flights controversy: “Cowen defends FAS chief in travel bill fury”  One of the points made was about possible tax consequences if an employer paid for a spouse to accompany an employee on a trip where the spouse’s presence was not necessary for business purposes.   “The Revenue Commissioners said benefit-in-kind tax could apply to flight tickets used by the spouse of a business person under some circumstances. But a spokesman said it would depend on whether the spouse was taking part in business activities — such as attending a conference.”

So where does this leave John O’Donoghue, whose wife seems to have been paid for (by you and me) to accompany him on most of his overseas junkets, even though he had his personal assistant along as well?  I have no doubt the Revenue Commissioners are onto this already…..

By the way, copies of all his Mr O’Donoghue’s expense claims are available on the web, courtesy of Gavin’s Blog.

You will also find details there of the Fianna Fáil connection of the limousine company he used for his jaunts to Cheltenham and other places, again at our (enormous) expense.


3 Responses to “Memo to Revenue Commissioners: John O’Donoghue may owe you money”

  1. Great spot. Have you put in an inquiry? Will look for a response from Rev Comm tomorrow and get back to you if not…

  2. PuckstownLane Says:

    Go for it.

  3. Arag0rn Says:

    Did they ever reply?

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