One day you’re up, the next day …. (ask Ronan O’Gara)

2 July, 2009

Oh dear.  Poor Ronan O’Gara.  On 7th May last, was he not heroic when we saw him standing up (well slouching anyway) for the Republic when the Irish rugby team met the Queen of England during a reception held to honour their Grand Slam victory?  Were we not proud when he refused to take his hands out of his pockets when greeting the head of state of perfidious Albion?  Surely this was not bad manners, as some toadying West Brits have suggested, but a blow for the common people against the old enemy!  What a man!

But now, we weep for Ronan as our battling hero is held by some to be responsible for the loss of the second test match (and thus the series) against the Springboks last Saturday.  Some of the media failed to show due respect to our soldier of destiny, and this is surely to be condemned.  As the Irish Independent wrote:  “O’Gara made his way to the left wing just in time to have Fourie run over him on his way to the try-line and could not have fully recovered by the time he gave away the final penalty by colliding with an airborne Fourie Du Preez when chasing his own up-and-under.”

Fate, you are cruel.  Let’s hope Queen Elisabeth wasn’t watching the match, for she might have gained some satisfaction at the humbling of our great patriot, and that would be wrong.


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